The Scouring of Mousillon

A Trip Into Town

(Watch Your Backs)

Feeling that Princess Marilyse would last another few weeks with the Beastmen, the warriors decided to head into town to resupply.

But before they could even find the nearest settlement they ran into a pedlar who quickly sold them all a Lucky Charm. No, whether or not this Lucky Charm is the genuine article we don’t yet know. But it did not bode well that the very next week the warriors were struck by a tornado and Bolcrack was flung through the air and broke both of his legs when he landed. Lucky Charm indeed.

The warriors were forced to carry him the rest of the way. They were stopped by a town militia and forced to pay gold or be turned back. John the Barbarian came across a massacre of innocent women and children he found to be his kin. The obvious mark of the Dark Elves was upon the bodies and John swore an oath of vengeance upon them if he should ever see their kind.

Gannicus chose to leave the party and seek out an Elf Troupe deep in the woods. Fortunately he was able to locate the troupe and began his quest to reach a new battle level.

As the rest of the group wandered the streets of the settlement they met a knight by the name of Sir Enteledonte, The Wild Boar Slayer. He claimed to be a special liaison to Gaston Tremblay and would accompany the warriors on the rest of their journey. But Enteledonte was uneasy on his feet. After waiting so long for the warriors his legs had gone to sleep and he stumbled in the streets. Mistaking the poor knight for another roving drunk, the city’s watch kicked Enteledonte out beyond the gates. He was forced to wait outside.

The other warriors each undertook special training and were all raised to Battle Level 2. Some prayed, some fought, and some read old and yellowed scrolls. Other found their way into merchant shops and alehouses and the Circus. Talk of the sight of a Chaos Warrior petting a baby goat was on the peasant’s lips for quite some time. It was said the Chaos Warrior was humming a tune to himself as he walked the streets but no one would get close enough to verify just what tune it was.

As their time in the city grew long, Praetorian became nervous and agitated. He had been stopped by a crowd of people yelling and demanding his autograph. They must have seen him when he was last in Bretonnia. He had defeated Markus the Near-Giant in a cage match and had won his master quite a bit of gold. But Praetorian was sure he had recognized a rude, scowling face in the crowd of fans gathered around. Sure enough, as Praetorian turned around a dark corner he was accosted and knocked unconscious. When he awoke, all his things were gone. The men had left him his undergarments and a note which read “We’re taking your crap with us. Consider it payment for your debt. Don’t show your face around here again unless you have our money.” Praetorian was able to break free from his bindings and sneak out of the city.

Bolcrack was admiring the designs on the Dwarf Runesmith’s door when he was tapped on the leg by a man. The man had other men. And the men were all holding swords. Much too many swords for Bolcrack to defeat.

“Oi!” the man said. “You think you can just run out of ‘ere without marryin’ my sista’? Just like an ogre to go back on ‘is word. If you can’t trust an ogre who can ya trust? You bettah get your green arse into that church ’afore I put ye there myself…in a casket.”

Bolcrack pondered, as ogres do, and weighed his options. A wife…a happy life…maybe some small half-ogres running around. “GRRAAAAHHHH!” Bolcrack yelled as he knocked back the men. “NO ONE TIE BOLCRACK DOWN!” Bocrack ran straight through a city wall and continued into the woods where he would hide and wait for the rest of the group.

When the rest of the group finished their shopping they all met again by the city gates and set off back to the haven of the Beastmen.

“You guys remember the way, right?” asked Praetorian, shivering in the cold.

“Uhh…” replied everyone in unison.

Meanwhile, the fate of the Princess remained unknown.



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